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Today, kiddies, we’re going to take a walk with a nice site fetchingly named ExtasyCams. I’m all enamored with ExtasyCams, despite the fact that there’s not enough free chat here to fill a gnat’s condom (and isn’t that a compelling image?). Well, okay, maybe I’m being unfair; there are those semi-realtime thumbnails for each of the active performers. The thumbnails change regularly, and do appear to be reflective of what’s going on in the actual chat rooms — and some of what’s going on is pretty raunchy. It’s not uncommon to see blowjobs, female masturbation, dildo shows, and sheer nekkidness on the thumbnails, even if no one will put out for free chat. Here’s a shot of a typical scene from the site’s splash page:


I love my little black stars! Let me hasten to point out that this is one of the tamer shots I was able to acquire. It took repeated attempts to get something I could use here, so that should give you some idea of how perverted Extasycams is. I love it!

All Freeness Aside…

So right away, I’ve answered the Number One question preying on your miserly mind, which is, of course, “Is there any free at ExtasyCams?” Nope. The answer to the second question, whether there’s any nudity, has also already been dealt with, and this time the answer’s a resounding “Yes!” While it may seem oddly early for me to dispense with both questions, I believe I’m justified for one overriding reason, which happens to be ExtasyCams’ chief claim to fame: it happens to have the cheapest rates of any adult chat site I’ve seen thus far. It does my tightfisted heart good to point out that you can get the nasty for as little as 49 cents per minute. Yup! Of course, I’d never do that, seeing as how it would cost me $99 — the lowest amount you have to spend to get the 49 cent rate — but I can occasionally get talked into shelling out a ten-spot for 15 minutes, which ramps up to 66 cents a minute. That’s still the best deal out there, dagnabbit. And it’s not just for an occasional girl here and there — it’s for everybody.

My understanding is that ExtasyCams isn’t all that old a site, and that it started out pretty small and underpopulated. Well, that’s not true now. The models number over 2,000, if you include the gay boys and couples, and there are usually dozens of active models to choose from. In the picture I’ve posted above, you’ll see that there are 27 models active, which happens to be the lowest number I’ve ever seen at any particular time. Apparently Tuesday nights at 10:30 PM CST aren’t such a good time to check here. I’ve seen over sixty online at 4 AM, so the numbers do come and go.

My God, It’s Full of Stars

Let’s see, what have we here…blondes, brunettes, redheads, check; Caucasians, Asians, Latinas and Ebonies, check; chubby babes and thin, check; shy babes and naughty, check; Bulgarian, Romanian, and Czech, check! Let’s just say that ExtasyCams has an excellent supply of ladies of all types from all over the world. This is no surprise, given its large number of performers, with representatives from all over the adult-chatting world. The fact that a lot of these ladies are on the other side of the world may be what makes you more likely to see more performers at 4 AM than at 10 PM, but then that’s an equation we see all too often on sites like these.

I’ve already mentioned the incredibly cheap prices you’ll spend here to talk to the girls, which is the reason I bothered to do a review instead of just passing the site by. Even I can’t help but be impressed by the prices. Here’s how it works: you can get 15 minutes for $10, 30 minutes for $20, 80 minutes for $50, or 200 minutes for $99. You can pay using most credit cards, as well as the virtual Epassporte, which a friend introduced my to a few months ago and which I’ve made extensive use of since and can highly recommend. Once your account’s charged up, you can spend your hard-earned money on private contact with your favorite girls.

Yessir, you can get a lot of sexy goodness here for $10.

A Few Other Fine Points

Being cheap, you might think that the video and chat quality would be pretty poor on ExtasyCams; but if you thought that, you’d be wrong. As a matter of fact, they quality’s as good as you’ll see on most sites that charge a lot more. Even more surprising, they don’t try to stick you with an expensive or difficult membership, which I found refreshing in this era of rampant online caveat emptor capitalism. Nope, all you do is enter your username, password, and email address and you’re in, as soon as you slip them the code they send to your email address. This is so unexpected that if ExtasyCams was a human, I’d be feeling their forehead to see if they were sick. I like this business model, I do.

And Then We Were Done

Let’s recap, ‘k? What we’ve got here is the cheapest adult chat site we’ve ever seen. Oddly enough, it doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to become a member. It doesn’t even ask for your credit card number so it can “verify your age”, as some sites do. The video quality is good, and so is the selection. So why go anywhere else? Hell, I don’t know, except that it doesn’t offer much freeness at all. You have to pay for almost everything, which hurts me right here. But hey, if you gotta pay, forget those other sites. This one’s the best value all around.

Try this: ExtasyCams

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